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This Cool Layered Coffee Table Is an Easy-to-Copy DIY Starring Cardboard

This Cool Layered Coffee Table Is an Easy-to-Copy DIY Starring Cardboard

Wow, this coffee table is really an old friend, says David Schafer, founder of Studiomake Design Studio, who discovered the 2009 Dwells Tour site in David’s old loft in San Diego and was so fascinated that I went to see David, I knew it seems strange to be an obsession, but it’s not an old coffee table, it’s a cardboard table (if you are not sure which expert editors like dad, read it now.)

David and his wife, I do the coffee table when they both studied university architecture. “It was another class that made a large corrugated cardboard model,” reminds David. “When the dust had settled it was a big pile of scrap and cardboard, and as a forest salesman in my school, my job was to eliminate the mess, so we cut all parts of the waist, maximum smooth, glued together, one dough.”

Although it is made of a material that is not considered particularly durable, the table has had a long time. Like this year. “For a moment I sat at my high table as a table beside me,” David says. “When we moved to this room in San Diego, we put two rolls on a plywood board, which became the coffee table you see in the picture, and a friend ran his wine and gave it back.” Another opportunity in life “

The robustness of the coffee table was a pleasant surprise. “We did nothing special to protect it (even if it could be treated with polyurethane or wax as Frank Gehry’s Easy Edges furniture), but over time, the skates were very good, the edges softened and developed a skeleton surface,” David says. “When we went to school, we sold it on Craigslist,” he says.

“I think it went to a good house.” We are happy to announce that you do not have to be an architectural student to create a similar cardboard table. Before you start stacking a stack of cardboard (David’s board consists of 150 layers at the end). This is an excellent project that you can do after a move.

If you have enough, cut each piece to the desired table size, so as David calls it, install a “glue” that actually only contains three solid surfaces that hold the box together, the glue dries. “It can even be the floor and two walls in the corner of a room,” says David. For adhesives, contact cement is recommended and suggests installation of the plates horizontally and individually.

“Wait until the thin layer in each layer is dry before adding the next one, as it will join the dry surfaces that are in contact,” David says. When the table reaches the desired height (David’s height was 32 inches) it will be over. As David said, you can choose the page where you want to put the table to create a coffee table or coffee table. When you cross your fingers until you say goodbye, there are so many related stories.

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